URN Status: Check Online Aadhar Card URN Status

Online URN Number Enquiry For Aadhar Card Update

URN status procedure is required for checking the aadhar card update status. URN stands for ‘unique request number’. This number is generated at the time of aadhar update at the SSUP portal.

URN Aadhar StatusURN Aadhar Status

With the introduction of SSUP portal, it is super easy to update or correct our aadhar details. With the wide use and application of the aadhar card, it is very important to keep the details updated. Any discrepancy in your aadhar data may lead to trouble in getting many facilities. The discrepancies may also cause delay in your aadhar linking procedures.

Typing or spelling errors in aadhar card or voter id card are quite a common thing. If you are applying for any correction in your aadhar card, preserve the URN number. We have helped users to track URN status enquiry online. If you are a net savvy person, it is quite simple to go with the process. However, the guidelines given here will help even the new person to use the online process of checking URN number status. The URN tracking procedure is also known as aadhar update status. Do take advantage of our posts related to online passport application status and PAN status methods.

What is URN – Unique Request Number

If you have updated or corrected the errors of your aadhar card online, you must be familiar with URN. While you apply for aadhar update request, the SSUP portal generates URN. This unique request number is issued against your request for correction in aadhar data. You can use this number to track the status of your request. You can also visit the enrollment center to know the URN status.

How to Check URN Status Online

If you do not receive aadhar update letter within few days, use the URN status facility. With the internet on our finger tips, online procedures are the best to check application status of aadhar as well. Here is the procedure to check URN number status.

URN Aadhar Status Check Procedure

  1. Visit the SSUP portal and follow the check status page. Here is the direct link: https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/check-status
  2. Provide your aadhar number and the unique request number.URN Status
  3. Also provide the text verification code and click ‘Get Status’ tab.

You will see the result of the URN status tracking on the screen. The status message will make it clear if there is any discrepancy. If the message shows that request is rejected, check the reasons given there.

URN Status Enquiry – Why Aadhar Update Request is Rejected

It may happen that your URN status results shows your request as rejected. Generally, UIDAI rejects aadhar correction request due to following reasons.

  1. Insufficient supporting documents
  2. Incorrect data
  3. Typographical errors or spelling mistakes in the aadhar update request form

In case if the update request is rejected, just file a new request. Fulfill the requirements due to which the request was rejected. Provide all copies of the documents with your self-attestation.

You can request for correction in aadhar manually at the nearest adhar card enrollment center. Online update portal is making the things easier for us as well the authorities. No need to provide any documents for updating mobile number and email address. For other changes, you need to upload required documents. Make sure you upload the documents with correct resolutions as instructed in the application form.

Ignoring the mistakes in your aadhar data may create many hassles in future. Aadhar card is linked to other facilities like EPF, LPG, bank accounts, and IT return. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your aadhar details updated. If you find any mistake in your aadhar card including spellings, apply for the update. Also, check URN status using the given procedure to avoid delay in update. if you just applied for adhar card, you can track details of your application online. Use the official site uidai.gov.in for the same. Our website is elaborating very useful online procedures for helping users. Get status updates on applications related to income tax, TDS, PAN card, EPF.

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