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What is tsp.koopid.ak/epass portal? Telangana Police has started online application process for issuance of Covid-19 (Corona) lockdown e-pass for all migrants, students and others trapped in the state. For the great relief of those who want to go to their hometown, TS police has decided to give e-pass to reach their hometown or destination after getting the approval of this corona pass.

The Telangana Police Department had brought ‘EPASS’ for the migrant workers trapped in the state of Telangana and ready to return to their homeland in the event of a lockout of COVID19. The Telangana Police Department has developed a new ‘Digital Pass Management System’ which is being facilitated through the online website https://tsp.koopid.ak/epass. Migrant workers, tourists, students and others trapped on this portal can submit online registration forms.

TSP koopid epass

Telangana Director General of Police M Mahendra Reddy unveiled the TSP Copid Ipas Registration Form on May 2, 2020, which can be filled online. Interstate tourist applicants should visit tsp.koopid.ai/epass or tspolice.gov.in to apply for or receive EPAS. Also the Telangana State Government has run some special trains and buses for the migrant workers moment.

On Saturday, Director General of Police M Mahendra Reddy said that those who are stranded in Telangana due to the lockout and want to go home in other states can apply for e-pass by submitting the required information at https://tsp.koopid.ai/epass . After proper verification, the pass e-pass will be sent to the applicant, who can proceed.

The TSP ePass registration facility is open only to those migrant workers / laborers who are willing to move from Telangana to their home state. On the other hand, registration facilities for bringing back Telangana are not yet active. Information about e-pass provided by DGP Telangana Police Twitter handle. Read the entire content of this page so you don’t miss even the smallest details of this campaign.

Telangana State Police has heard good news for those who cannot go to their area due to tourism, education and employment. People who want to go to their hometown and state can apply online and get e-pass.

Overview of TSP.Koopid.ak/epass

According to the report, more than 7000 applications have been approved and about 10,000 people are currently queuing to go door-to-door. The time to apply for EPAS in Telangana tsp.koopid.ai/epass will run in two hours. We provided a link to check the timing of TS Police Ipsa which is given below.

According to a press note, the heavy users of registration on the website tsp.koopid.ak /epass is causing some technical problems. This is because a large number of people are eager to register to produce EPASS. This EPASS is mandatory for returning home for interstate travel.

The TS Police e-pass is not only for workers, but also for anyone who wants to return to their homeland. This means that whether you are students, devotees or tourists, you can take advantage of this system.

To avoid this conflict, Telangana police said, now the EPAS registration will be divided into slots. Slot times for May 3 were from 3 to 3:30 p.m. and 04:30 to 5 p.m.

Some criteria will be followed including screening, icons for COVID 19 will be observed. So only those who appear negative in all the tests will be allowed to travel. In addition, social isolation, hygiene rules and face masks should be followed throughout the trip.

All trapped people should keep in mind that only a registered person will be eligible to travel from a government job. If any traveler needs help they can write a question in the comments section below. However a helpline is also provided for quick help.

TSP Koopid epass Apply & Registration Online

Here we shared step by step guidance about tsp.koopid.ak/epass portal. So follow below steps online as given:

  • First of all visit official website https://epass-tspolice.app.koopid.ai/static/providers/tsp/index.html
  • When you open above website you can see in form on your screen
  • Please fill up all the details like Full Name, Address, Mobile number, age, etc..
  • After that at last click on “Submit” button

Documents Required for TSP Koopid epass

  • Name of Applicant
  • Mobile number
  • Valid ID proofs like Aadhar card, PAN card, etc..
  • Address

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The Telangana state government has also run special trains from TS to other states like Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and many more states. This type of labor train runs between Lingampally and Hatia.

F.A.Q About TSP Kopid epass

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Final Words

So hope you enjoy article on tsp.koopid.ak/epass portal like how to apply online, registration, list of required documents, etc details given in the articles. For more information and updates visit our portal know status.co.in online.

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