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Trademark Application Status

Applicants of TM registration can now find trademark status online. Check here to know how far your application for trademark registration is processed. The owners of the trademark can view the uncertified electronic trademark registration. Owners can also check the current status of their mark and the due date of the renewal.

Trademark is a symbol, logo, alphabet, or a word. It is also a combination of all. The office of the Registrar of trademarks offers many facilities at We have shared here guidelines to check trademark application status.In this website you will also find other information about government documents status like Voter ID, PF balance status, TDS refund status extra. Also, find how to carry out online trademark search.

Trademark Status

The trademark status will show as Accepted if it is registered. The status will show you the current if your TM is included in the trademark registry or no. The accepted trademarks are then published in the trademark journal. After publication appears in the journal, any third party can oppose. However, it should be within 4 months from the date of advertisement. If no opposition is received against the publication, the TM registration certificate is issued. Generally, the registration certificate is issued in three months’ time. I.e. expiration of the given opposition period.

How to Check Trademark Registration Status

Find below the step-by-step guide with a link to the official website Follow the procedure and know your trademark status in a couple of clicks. The trademark status will give you clear result reflecting the position of your application.

  1. Visit the Intellectual Property, India’s official website by clicking here. Select the appropriate option for trademark status tracking.
  2. Find the option of “Trade Mark” at the top horizontal menu.
  3. Keep your cursor on the “Related Links” option. Click on the last option of “Trademark Status”.
  4. Select the first option at the left side indicating “trademark application / registered mark.”
  5. Select other options as applicable in your case.
  6. If you know your application number, enter the number in the related box.
  7. Click on the ‘view’ button.

You will see the trademark status of your application. If it is accepted, it will clearly indicate in the status message.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Search for Trademark Status

Trademark registrations are governed by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks. Online facility to search the registered and patented trademarks is very beneficial. The trademark database contains all registered and applied for trademarks of India. If you are planning to apply for a trademark for your product, the search is needed. First of all, you need to carry out a trademark search process. This will show if the trademark you are planning is unique. And it is not used or applied by any other company.

Below link of Intellectual Property India is given a search in the trademark registry.

Start trademark status search by selecting the wordmark as your search type.

  1. Select the option according to the search you want to do. You can select “start with”, “match with” or “contains”.
  2. If you select the option of “Start with”, it will automatically display a list of entries. These entries are the trademarks that start with the value you provide for search.
  3. Similarly, “contains” options will also show you all the entries. These will be entries containing the value you provide for search. And so it is with the “match with” option. This will show all the trademark entries exactly matching the value provided.
  4. Enter the class of trademark as applicable by trademark law. The Indian Trademark Law classifies marks in 45 different classes. It can include, shape, packaging, a word, letter, and combination of colours.
  5. Click the search button to carry out trademark search.

If the trademark you have searched is not used, the result will show “no matches found”.

Before you do trademark status search, you will also need to search it. The trademark search is normally conducted with the help of a professional expert. After a trademark search, you can apply for the trademark as it not used by others yet. Hence, before you carry out trademark application status, the search is important. It will ensure that the trademark you are planning for your product or company is not yet utilised. Your application for TM registration takes time of minimum 3 months to get approved. Keep us for more information on various online status like RTI status, Ration card status, PPO status checks.

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