TN e Pass TNeGA in

About TN e pass TNeGA  in Online

Tamil Nadu e-Governance Firm (TNEGA) has actually released the “tn e pass tnega in” or “TN ePass System” today on May second for the migrant enrollment of workers, students, visitors and also various other individuals. TNEGA TN ePass system will certainly facilitate the issuance of passes for intra-district, Inter-district and interstate travel during lockdown. Check epass application status delhi online.

TN e Pass TNeGA in
TN e Pass TNeGA in

The migrant workers, pupils as well as various other stranded individuals can sign up at TN e passTNEGA in system site for coming back home to Tamil Nadu or going to other states from Tamil Nadu (TN).

TN e Pass

How to get Chennai Corporation Travel Pass during COVID-19 lockout in Chennai? Emergency Travel Pass Chennai available @ Providing Napas for lockout in Tamil Nadu. Chennai Corporation Travel Pass is available online from site or tn e pass tnega in. If you would like to apply for a lockout, go to the following website Passes are issued only to citizens in the state who are in crisis or face significant resource inflows.

After filling up the application form, individuals and organizations can generate TN ePass through the online portal or tn e pass tnega in website. The detailed procedure on how to apply online to get a pass for travel to Tamil Nadu during the lockout is given below.

Tamil Nadu is home to more than 5 lakh guests, mainly from the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. The state government has initiated the process of relocating migrant workers, students, tourists, pilgrims and other stranded people in and out of the state. Also if you want to know about tneb bill status online then also we shared information about that.

Types of TN e pass

There are mainly 3 types of tn epass available as below:

  1. Interstate e pass
  2. Inter district e pass
  3. Intra district e pass

Requirements for TN e pass Registration

  • Full name
  • Bank details
  • Family details
  • Source address
  • Destination address

F.A.Q About TN e pass TNeGA in

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  • What is the procedure for tn e sevai login?

Final Words

Hope you got all the detail information about tn e pass tnega in status like how to apply online, about tn e pass, etc.. Although if you have query you can visit official website. Also you can check our website know status for latest updates & news online.

NOTE: We are not official or associated with any Government organisation, we are just providing information to users from internet sources.

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