TDS Return Form: How to Download and Filling TDS Return Form Online

TDS Return Form Online

A TDS return is a statement submitted to the income tax department on the quarterly basis. This formality requires filling up a TDS return form. TDS is the amount of tax deducted by the employer directly from the employee’s salary. The amount is in turn paid by the employer to the income tax department. Since there are multiple forms for the return of TDS, deductors might get confused about using the right one.

TDS return form

If you are a tax deductor, you need to submit TDS return statement. This statement contains all the details of the TDS deducted and deposited by you during a particular quarter. To fulfill various formalities, we need to forms and prescribed formats. With online facilities at the governmental portals, it is now easy to get any form. will guide you how to download different formats.

Forms for filing TDS return cover all the forms as 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 27D, and 24Q. All these different formats are used for the same purpose of filing TDS return. However, depending upon the type of income on which tax is deducted, an appropriate TDS return form should be used. Further, we have discussed the details of each of the form. The statement of this returns also include the PAN details of the deductees and the deductor. It declares all the particulars of the tax paid to the government and challan 281 information.

List of TDS Return Forms

Here is a list of all the prescribed formats. Study the purpose of the forms and determine which one you should use.

Form 24Q To file return when TDS is deducted on Salary
Form 27Q Used to file TDS return when the deductee is not an Indian company located in India. (for foreigners and NRIs)
Form 26QB For TDS deducted at source during the sale of (immovable) property i.e. by buyer while paying the seller.
Form 26Q For tax deducted in any other case than salary

Now it will be easier for you to know which format you should use while filing a return.

Due Dates for Filing Return

During every financial year, the income tax department prescribes the last dates for submitting TDS returns. Find below the due dates for submitting TDS return form to the authorities for year the 2017-2018:

From 1st April to 30th June 31st July
From 1st July to 30thSeptember 31st October
From 1st October to 31stDecember 31st January
From 1st January to 31stMarch 31st May

How to Download TDS Return from

The Tax Information Network portal of NSDL allows online facilities of TDS and TCS. Find below the link to download the TDS return form:

Here is the stepwise procedure:

  1. Click the given link.
  2. Click the Download option shown at the horizontal menu on the top.
  3. Once you click download, you will see multiple forms and formats.
  4. Move the cursor to the first option of e-TDS/e-TCS > Quarterly Returns.
  5. Click the tab for ‘regular’ to get a list of all the available forms and formats.
  6. Click the one you need and view it in the PDF format.

You can take a print of download the form using the appropriate option. Likewise the TDS return form, the portal also provide facility to do any correction in filing the return and check income tax refund status. If you want to do correction in any of the TDS return form, click the option of ‘correction’ instead of regular. Download the format for correction and make necessary changes.

We are informative portal guiding users to download significant forms from the right official places. The forms available on our blog are all required to carry out certain vital formalities. The major forms related to taxpayers are TDS return form and income tax return form online. Other application forms for PAN card and aadhar card are also available. Leave your queries and confusions in obtaining any format. We also guide with clear instructions and links to get the vital documents and details from the official sources.

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