Check TDS Refund Status Online: Quick Guide to Track Status of TDS Return

How to Track TDS Refund Status at

Online TDS refund status check facility is available on the tin-nsdl portal. You can check TDS return status after 10 days of filing TDS refund. We will show you how to check it at the official NSDL portal just in few minutes.

TDS is tax deducted at source by the employer from the salary. Due to differences in the actual tax deducted and the actual tax deductible, TDS refund occurs. Status of TDS refund shows the status of the reimbursement you are liable to get. After e-filing return of tax deducted at source, IT department refunds the amount in few months. The step-by-step guide shared in this post will help you to know the position of your TDS return. is guiding users to check status of important procedures and applications online. Actually TDS is the tax which is deducted from our income at the time of earning.

TDS refund status

The TDS is deducted every month from the salary of the tax paying employees. Generally, the investment projections for a financial year are higher and do not match with the actual investments. In such cases, the TDS paid amount exceeds the actual payable TDS. If the amount paid as TDS is more than the actual payable, a person can claim a refund. All the procedures related to TDS payment and TDS refund status tracking are online. Taxpayers can also track income tax refund status online at the nsdl portal.

Track Online TDS NSDL Refund Status | TDS Status

The below link of the tin-nsdl portal will let you know your TDS refund status. But make sure that you start checking it after a gap of 10 days. After you file for return, you can view TDS return status after minimum 10 days. If the details are uploaded, you will know whether your TDS refund filing is approved or not.

Enter your TAN number and select the assessment year.

Also, enter the captcha code and click submit button. You will now view your TDS refund status.

TDS Statement Status

You can also view TDS statement to get relaxed about the TDS payments. Likewise TDS refund status, the online tracking of statement is also available on nsdl portal.

Click here for TDS/TCS statement status

Enter the provisional receipt number. Hence, while you pay TDS through a bank, insist for the counterfoil. You will be able to view your quarterly statements. In the case of any doubt, you can match the TDS refund status details with TDS payments. Statements are also a good way to get reconciled about the refunds.

If you want to check TDS return status without internet, you can call SBI on 1800 4259 760. Alternatively, you may also write to
Income tax refund status

TDS Credit Details on TDS Traces Portal

The separate TDS TRACES portal also offers many online facilities related to TDS. The portal basically provides facility to make corrections in the already filed TDS or TCS.

Taxpayers can view details of the TDS credits at the TDS Traces website. Taxpayers as well tax deductors have online statement viewing facility on this website. For more information on TDS refund status you can refer to the tin-nsdl page for a refund.

TDS Interest Rate

Since you are dealing with TDS refund status, it is important to know TDS interest. Interest applies to the late payment of TDS to the income tax department. If you fail to make TDS payment on time, interest is charged. It is charged at 1% per month for the delay in a deduction of tax. 1.5% is charged every month for remitting TDS to the income tax department after deducting it from the salary.

The TDS refund is paid with the interest rate of 6% per year. Before paying you the TDS return, an intimation will be sent to you. The intimation will show you how the TDS is calculated. If you are satisfied with the calculation of the TDS refund and interest, you can contact the income tax office.

TDS refund is filed using From 27. The tax deductor has to file it in paper with the quarterly statement. For every TDS return, form 27 is needed. The form requires the deductor to fill the total income tax deducted and total tax paid. While you check your TDS refund status, it is important to tally the amount with that in Form 27. All the TDS related forms and statements are available on the above-referred TDS TRACES website. We will also be uploading procedures to check income tax refund status and TAN application status.

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