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TDS Challan Verification Status for Challan 281

Check TDS challan status online to verify your income tax payment. TDS challan status will show you if the payment of TDS is consolidated properly or not. The income tax department of India has prescribed different challans for tax payment.

The payment of TDS is made using the challan 281, also know as TDS challan. The counterfoil remains with the taxpayer to verify the TDS payment status at a later stage. This post helps taxpayers and banks to verify the payment of TDS. The tax deduction system makes it mandatory for the employers to deduct tax from employee’s salary. The amount is paid to the income tax authorities.

TDS Challan Status

However, the payment does not fulfill the responsibility of the tax deductor. As a deductor, you need to verify the TDS challan status online. This confirms that the payment is properly registered with the authorities without any discrepancy. The collecting banks can also use this information to known the challans filed by them & also check the OLTAS challan status. The article explains the procedure of verifying TDS payment challan in detail. You might also be interested in knowing income tax refund and PF claim status online. Browse or visit our blog to know the status of other important applications and procedures.

How to Verify TDS Challan Status Online

The TIN NSDL portal offers numerous digital facilities. Verifying TDS challan is one of the important procedures available at the portal. While you have already paid the TDS, tracking TDS challan status should not be ignored. Do verify the proper accounting of the payment using any of the following processes.

CIN Based 281 Challan Status Tracking

  1. Use the link to get the appropriate page of NSDL portal:
  1. If you are a tax deductor, choose the option of ‘Tax payers”.
  2. If you know your CIN number, click the same.
  3. If you do not have the CIN counterfoil with you, you can simply check TDS challan status using the TAN number.
  4. Fill up all the required details as shown on the screen.
  5. The details required will be BSR code, challan date, challan number, and TDS amount.
  6. Enter captcha code and proceed with the view button.

You will now see complete details of your ITNS 281 challan. In the case of any discrepancy, contact the authority for payment confirmation.

TDS Challan

TDS Payment TAN-Based Challan Verification

The tax deductors have an excellent online facility to download statement of all the TDS challans of past one year. This is the best option to verify your e-TDS payments. Verify by matching all your payments with the entries shown in the online TCS statement. You just need to enter your TAN number and the duration for which you want to check the statement. The statement entry will show you the TDS challan status of all the payments.

Download TDS Challan Online

The official site of income tax department offers online challan download facility. If you are paying your TDS online, you can choose the fillable form. The PDF printable format is also available if you want to make TDS refund payment manually. The online place to download challan 281 is shared below.

Users can also download other ITNS challans like 280, 282, 283, 284, and challan 285. It is also important to verify your TAN details before paying TDS. If your TAN number is expired or yet to be issued, TDS may not be accepted.

If you have applied for TAN number, check TAN registration status at our blog. We have created a common online place to get the status of all your tax-related procedures. Remember us to check IT refund, PAN, OLTAS challan, and TAN. Due to digital facilities of NSDL portal, tax deductors and collectors can now verify TDS challan status easily. If you find any trouble in getting the result of TDS status, contact your collecting bank. To get the result of TAN challan verification, wait for few days after payment. It takes few days for update of TCS/TDS data on the NSDL portal.

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