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Right To Information Act Application Status

Know RTI status of your application and appeal online. This post shares the online procedure to track RTI online status. We have given guidelines to track RTI application status filed with the central as well as the state government offices.

We all know Right to Information Act 2005 as a revolutionary basic right of an Indian citizen. As per the RTI Act of 2005, any citizen of India can file an application with any government office to know any information. The right is added as a fundamental right of citizens. The Act is introduced with an aim to kill corruption, unnecessary delay, and red-tapism in governmental offices.

RTI Status

The government has also launched a dedicated RTI status online portal to help people. It allows people to file RTI, RTI appeal, track RTI status, and download the RTI form. The charges to file an RTI application is just Rs. 10/- RTI applications are accepted online as well offline. Whenever you submit an RTI to the concerned department, they are bound to provide you with the demanded information. You should file an appeal if you do not receive information within 30 days. A no-reply even after the appeal, you can directly complain to the Information Commission of your state. Any government agency is subjected to strict actions and penalties if they fail to provide information against RTI. However, if you file an RTI, it is important to check the RTI status regularly.

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RTI Online Status

How to Track RTI Status Online through RTI Portal

If you have filed an RTI application with any of the central government offices, here is how to track RTI status.

  1. Visit the RTI portal for the central government offices at https://rtionline.gov.in/index.php
  2. Click the option ‘view status’ shown in the horizontal menu bar.
  3. Provide your RTI registration number and email address.
  4. Proceed after entering the security code.

The status messages will tell you how far your application is taken up. The results of the online RTI status will help you to proceed further.

You can also check RTI status of applications filed with the state government agencies. You should access the official website of your State Information Commission. The majority of the states are offering online facilities to track RTI application status online.

Check RTI Application Status by Offline Method

To submit the RTI application, you should contact the Public Relation Officer of the concerned agency. If you do not receive any response in 30 days from the date of your application, file an appeal. Do not follow up with the agency before the window period of 30 days is over. After 30 days, file the first appeal for deemed denial of the required information. To get information on RTI status of your application, contact 011-246 2461 or 1800 180 6127. If you have filed it with any state government agency, use the contact numbers of the State Information Commission.

Important Tips for Right to Information Application

The Right to Information is a very beneficial facility for the citizen. You can obtain clarification and information from any government agency. The Act applies to state as well central government offices. Some tips related to this Act will help you if you are filing an RTI.

  1. Every public authority should have a PIO or Public Information Officer.
  2. An RTI application should be submitted to the PIO.
  3. It is not necessary to submit RTI in a printed form.
  4. You can submit it on an ordinary paper or through the RTI form.
  5. Wait for a reply for 30 days.
  6. Contact the appellate authorities if the PIO does not accept your application.
  7. Also, contact the authorities if PIO asks for any additional fees except Rs. 10/- per RTI.

You may also proceed to contact the higher authorities of Information Commission or appellate authorities if the information is incomplete. The denial of information by the agency attracts legal notice and penalties.

Overall, RTI is a wonderful facility added to our fundamental rights. RTI status check is important to track the position of your application. Citizens can file this application with agencies for incomplete or pending projects in their locality. If your governmental benefits like passport, EPF payment, pension payment are held up or delayed without any valid reason, you can file an RTI with the office. Keep visiting us our website for information on other governmental facilities.

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