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How To Check PRAN Card Status Online

Knowing your PRAN status is now a matter of few clicks. Learn everything about your NPS PRAN card. Check PRAN card status on National Pension Scheme is among the top favourite saving schemes of India.

The scheme is active since the year 2004. Every member of NPS has issued a PRAN number and a PRAN card. This number is also issued to all the government employees who have joined after 1st January 2004. NPS is automatically issued to all the government employees. Non-government employees can also join the scheme on a voluntary basis. This post helps you to check your PRAN status online. Subscribers will know the status in the case of delay in receiving the PRAN kit.


The PRAN card is a Permanent Retirement Account Number. It is a unique number containing 12 digits. The number is allotted to each member of the National Pension Scheme.This scheme is available for all persons belonging to the age of 18 to 60 years. Once you join this pension scheme, you should receive a PRAN kit within few days. The kit contains a PRAN number and a PRAN card with a booklet. The PRAN card contains the unique number with the subscriber’s complete details. It includes a photo, signature or thumb impression, and father’s name.  The card is a proof of your records with the NPS-CRA. Also, check how to know TDS refund status online.

NSDL PRAN Status for PRAN Application

After your NPS account opening procedure is done, a PRAN will be issued to you. If you do not receive your PRAN card in few days, check the PRAN status online.

  1. Use this official website of national pension scheme:
  2. Locate the option of value added services.
  3. You will see many options under ‘value added services’.
  4. Give a click on the option saying ‘track status of PRAN’.
  5. To check newly registered PRAN status, click the button for ‘new registered PRAN’.
  6. Enter the PRAN number or the PPAN number.
  7. After submitting, you will see the status of PRAN application on the screen.

The normal time frame for receiving a PRAN card is 20 days after NPS registration. To know about PRAN status manually, visit your nearest nodal office.

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How to Download NPS PRAN Form for PRAN Application

If you are looking to open an NPS account, fill up the form Annexures S1. We have given here links to download the NPS PRAN forms. Both the forms, i.e. for fresh PRAN and for changes are referred here. Click the given links and download the PRAN application forms from the NSDL-CRA website.

Form S2 is also used for request of re-issue of T-PIN and I-PIN. In the case of any query or confusion, call 022 24994200. You may also write to for any information on PRAN status.

How to Apply for PRAN Card

The government employees can apply for the PRAN card online. The online registration process should be carried out on

Here is a link for the nsdl portal for national pension scheme registration:

While registering online, you will generate the permanent retirement account number. Preserve this PRAN number. It will be used to know the PRAN status in future. Also, you need to pay your first NPS contribution. After payment, your PRAN number will be issued to you online.

After registration, please wait for few days to receive your kit. Also, check your kit properly and verify your personal details on the card. In the case of any error, you can apply for correction online.

Do not make any unnecessary haste in checking PRAN status. Generally, it takes 20 days after online registration to receive the PRAN kit. If you are an EPFO member, check EPF balance UAN status on our site. National pension scheme and provident fund are the most popular retirement saving schemes of India. You will also learn how to check LIC policy status very soon. So, don’t forget us and keep visiting for various status check procedures.

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  1. Tirtharaj Bhandary

    sir I am shri Tirtharaj Bhandary an employeer under Assam state government, as a designation of Lot mandal, under Baganpara circle office of Baksa District.
    There for I have applied for NPS account on the month of January of 2017 but still I could not got any information…

  2. Pradeep Kerketta

    सर मेरा प्रान न•110013805067है परन्तु प्रान कीट उपलब्ध नही हुआ है ।क्या कारण हो सकता है?कृपया जानकारी दीजिए।

  3. ambati chennakesvarao

    i mr. ambati chennakesavarao ,lost my pran card and applied for new one through s2 form but did”t receive new what to do



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