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RTOS Nonresidentialtamil org Portal

What is nonresidentialtamil org or nonresidenttamil org? How to apply online via nonresidentialtamil org portal? All this we will discuss in this articles. As India moves towards the third phase of closure from May 4 to May 17, the Tamil Nadu government has launched a new portal to help Tamils stranded in various parts of the world return home.

Online form of Tamil Nadu Tourist Travel Registration is mandatory for all Tamil Migrants. People will now be able to fill up the online registration form on the official website of the migrant (go / return). Not all people who have provided registration information to the concerned DC office in Tamil Nadu will have to fill up this form.

People can now check the application process online and get full details on this official portal nonresidenttamil org.

People from Tamil Nadu who are currently stranded in other states due to the lockout and who want to return to the state should register themselves on the website –

nonresidentialtamil org Portal For Migrant Workers

City police held meetings with migrant workers at 150 locations across the district. The purpose of this initiative was to register their names on the portal provided by the government so that they could be taken to their hometowns.

Those who want to return home can log on to and fill out a return form to Tamil Nadu. The website also has a form for stranded guests in the state who want to return to their hometown, known as “Return to Other State”.

There are three different colored buttons for this on the government website. Non-resident Tamils ​​living in other countries who want to return home can fill up the form by clicking on the blue button. In their passport and visa details, the form “Tested for COVID-19?” “Has any member of your family / individual who lives with you tested for COVID-19?” And “What if you are in the best interest of your health and your health?

Overview of Nonresidentialtamil org

Name of Organization Tamil Nadu Government
State Name Tamil Nadu
Registration type Online registration @nonresidentialtamil org
For which people TN Migrant Workers
Purpose Stuck Candidates Can Return Home Weather Living In Some Other State Or Country
Official Website


About 10,700 migrant workers are trapped in the city. Many of them often visit the collectorate to get a train pass. Some of them tried to cross the state borders illegally. Therefore, we have asked them to record their details at http: so that their journey can be planned after the train is scheduled.

For Tamils ​​currently residing in other Indian states and wishing to return home, the ‘Return to Tamil Nadu’ form can be obtained by clicking on the green button. This form requests them to reach home by crossing the border of their choice, and if they have access to a separate room with a returning toilet and if they are requested to go home.

The red third button is for guests from other states trapped in Tamil Nadu. This form requires details of their proposed trip and if tested for COVID-19 by the state.

Those who want to return to Tamil Nadu from other states http:,100 The Tiruchi Tiruchi district administration has almost completed the process of collecting the details of migrant workers so that they can return home.

4,181 people have been identified in the district. Revenue officials have collected information including Aadhaar and contact numbers and bank account details.

Emergency travel passes for inter-district and interstate travel will apply on the following grounds: death of a direct blood relation, extreme medical emergency of a family member and pre-arranged marriage (direct blood relation only). or TN e Pass TNeGA inThe same website can be used to apply for domestic help, from today (May 4) Chef for travel in Chennai city.

In addition, self-employed workers such as plumbers, electricians, air conditioner servicemen, carpenters, home care providers for people with special needs can also apply for permission on this website.

Of the 4,181 individuals, 2,884 are engaged in institutional labor and 1,337 in non-institutional labor. Institutional labor includes NHAI and PWD projects and private organizations such as cement and construction material manufacturers.

District Collector S Shivarasu said the institutional laborers have been provided food and shelter by their employers. Some students and tourists are also trying to reach home.

How to Apply For Non Residential Tamil Registration Online @ nonresidentialtamil org

Here in this article we shared how to apply for Non residential Tamil registration online through portal. There are mainly 3 section we saw in the website.

  1. Tamils living in other country who wish to return to home land
  2. Tamils living in the other states who wish to return to home land
  3. Other state people in Tamil nadu who wish to return to their home land

Non Residential Registration Online @ nonresidenttamil org

  • First of all visit official website
  • After that you will see one application form in your screen
  • Fill all the details in form
  • Like Aadhar card number, Name, Address, Mobile number, etc..
  • Finally click on “Submit” button

Document Required for nonresidentialtamil Registration

  • Aadhat card or any other Government approved ID card
  • Vehicle number (If you having vehicle)
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Applicant Age
  • Gender

Guideline for Return by MHA

Whenever you return you have to follow strictly guideline issued by MHA

  • First of all you wear mask and you have sanitizer
  • Your bus/trains/flights will be sanitized
  • Whenever you travelling you people follow social distancing
  • After reaching your home town you will be quarantined for 14 days

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F.A.Q About nonresidentialtamil org

  • What is nonresidentialtamil org?
  • Which documents required for nonresidentialtamil org registration?
  • If do not having symptoms, Still it is necessary to home quarantine for 14 days?
  • How to apply online nonresidentialtamil org portal?

Final Words

In this article we shared in depth details about nonresidentialtamil org portal like how to apply for non residential tamil registration, benefits, etc… Although you thought anything missing let us know.

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    I’m from california usa i done my application reg it was complete successfully i got a ref no also but what can i do with that. how to i communicate with whom. how i check my application status whom i want to contact pls help me to come back my home please

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