New 100 Rupee Note: Check New 100 Rs Note in April 2018

New 100 Rs Note

Know new 100 rupee note will be launched approximately next year. You might be having new Rs 100 note approximately April next year. The RBI, baseding on to reports, is really looked for to start printing fresh layouts of the currency notes across this time.

New 100 rs note

The RBI, reports include, will certainly transfer on to the new layout of new 100 rupee note just after it covers up the printing of Rs 200 notes.

A few banks have actually also asked about the ATM providers to start testing the Rs 200 note to get recalibration of the makers, although these have actually not really got products of the fresh currency. Simply past year, the banks were actually included in recalibration of ATM devices after the demonetisation of high-value currency notes in November.

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The central bank launched the brilliant yellow Rs 200 notes in August.

New 100 Rupee Note Information

The new 100 rupee notes are really likely to carry the same size and size to prevent re-calibration of ATMs, claimed a record in Times Now. Out of the four recordings, just one is certainly applied for dispensing Rs 100 notes within ATMs.

Since each the report, the activity of pumping the Rs 200 notes within the device is likely to have around an additional six months.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may quickly launch new 100 rupee note denomination banknotes within the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Collection, providing the signature of Governor Urjit R Patel. But, the Rs 100 notes in the much earlier series will proceed to be a lawful tender.

Depending on to Mint, RBI is going to launch printing new 100 rupee note in April (once Rs 200 notes have actually been printed), although the existing notes may be withdrawn through the market gradually free from causing any disruption.

That is the fourth denomination such has actually been renewed since the government’s demonetization on November 8 last year. Previously, new notes of Rs 2,000, Rs 500 and Rs 200 notes were really introduced.

New 100 rupee note

The sizes of new 100 rupee note or Rs 100 notes may not change. Earlier, the new Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 notes caused a great deal of trouble to the RBI and other stakeholders as ATM devices had actually to be recalibrated to accommodate the new dimension of the currency notes.

Fake currency: The redesigning of the notes is really being performed to curb circulation of fake currency, two officials of RBI said.

New Rs 200 Note Information

In August, the RBI released Rs 200 note. In a report released on its site after that, the RBI claimed, “To obtain the optimal system of currency which would minimize the amount of denominations although increasing the probability of proffering exact improvement, especially at the lower end of denominations, generally there is simply a logical desire to introduce the missing denomination of Rs 200, that are going to make the existing currency system more efficient”.

Arrangement of the new denomination, for this reason, would facilitate exchange, particularly for the common man who deals with denominations at the lower end”, it further added.

In November 2016, India had banned the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denomination currency notes in an attempt to flush out undeclared wealth. The two denominations together accounted for 86 percent of the currency in circulation at which time and their overnight demonetization produced chaos across the country especially since the supply of new notes had time.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to begin printing redesigned Rs 100 currency notes about April next year, providers in the central bank have said.

Printing for the new notes, one of the very most common denominations within the country, are going to begin after presses complete printing the new Rs 200 bank note by the end of the financial year in March.

The presenting new 100 rupee note may proceed to be in the system and will be withdrawn gradually without having any disruption, the central bank executive said, asking to stay unnamed.

The size and dimensions of the new notes are going to not really be altered, ensuring automatic-teller machines (ATMs) could be compatible coming from the beginning. Currently, new 100 rupee note is dispensed through ATMs across the country. Of the four cassettes, or boxes, in an ATM, just one is used for Rs 100 notes.

Countries often change bank notes to deal with chances of hoarding in request to get tax dodgers. India closed down the old Rs 500- and Rs 1,000-denomination bank notes in November past year in an enthusiastic attempt to clear out undeclared wealth. The two bank notes together accounted for 86% of the currency in circulation at the time.

In December, RBI officials had said which all currency notes will be changed.

Since then, the government has changed the Rs 500 and Rs 50 notes, and introduced new denominations of Rs 200 and Rs 2,000.

Resources added in the exercise of pushing the Rs 200 notes into the system is really probably to take approximately another six months. Their printing will certainly depend on the demand and feedback received through the select bank branches which have indeed started dispensing the updated denomination.

Conclusion of New 100 Rupee Note

The government launched the Rs 200 notes to allow people change high-value currency notes. Depending on to a State Bank of India report, 43.6% of the overall cash circulation is actually in Rs 500 notes although new 100 rupee note is just over 20%. Bank authorities claimed that while the currency replacement exercise is above and certainly there is no lack of cash, people are really not keen on withdrawing the Rs 2,000 bank notes. If you want more latest news then our website knowstatus and stay with us!

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