OLTAS Challan Status Enquiry: Online Income Tax Challan Verification

Online Challan Status on OLTAS

Learn to check challan status online for your income tax payment. An online challan verifying facility will save you from hassles in future. Due to technical errors sometimes the payment does not get registered. Hence, it is important that you verify the accounting of your payment. Verification of the income tax challan is the best way to confirm it.

The dedicated portal online system known as OLTAS allow tracking the status of challan. Taxpayers and deductors can use this facility to verify the payment. The procedure will just take two minutes of yours. But the peace of mind you have is precious.

Challan status

The Online Tax Accounting System is an online portal of tin.nsdl.com. The income tax challan status is available on this portal. The taxes are paid online or through the bank. This mechanism regularly updates payment and collection of direct taxes. We have shared here a complete procedure of checking challan verification. The guidelines will make the procedure crystal clear for you. Employees can also check the status of TDS.

Income Tax Challan Status For Tax Payers

OLTAS is a digital initiative by the income tax department. Taxpayers can verify income tax challan status online. Challan verification is done either by using challan identification number or by TAN.

CIN Based Challan Status Check

  1. Visit the website of OLTAS.
  2. Under the “taxpayers”, select CIN based view.
  3. Type the challan identification number. Get if from the counterfoil or the online challan. The challan is allotted to all the taxpayers at the time of payment.
  4. Also, type the BSR code of the bank through which tax is paid.
  5. Enter the date of the income tax challan.
  6. Click on the ‘view’ button to see if the payment is consolidated properly.

TAN Based View

Now check the challan status if you do not have the CIN number. Just use the TAN number of your firm and verify your payment.

  1. Visit the same link given above and select TAN based view.
  2. Enter your TAN number. Also, select the range of the period for which you want to verify the payment.

OLTAS challan status

Click the ‘view’ button to see the results. The TDS challan status is also available for the collecting banks.


OLTAS Challan Status View for the Collecting Banks

The collecting banks can also use the online challan verification procedure. The banks should use the “For Banks” option to avail the facility of challan verification.

Find here how the banks can check income tax challan verification status. The procedure differs a bit for the collecting banks and the nodal branches.

Online NSDL PAN status

TDS return status 

Check pension status

Collecting Bank Branches

Provide branch scroll date and major head code. Following details will be available on the screen.

  • CIN or Challan serial number
  • Date of the challan
  • PAN or TAN number
  • Name of the taxpayer
  • Amount of the tax paid

For Nodal Bank Branch

Provide the major head code description and nodal scroll date to view all the below details.

  • Scroll date
  • Nodal branch scroll no.
  • Major head code – description
  • Total tax payment amount
  • of branches

The details will also reflect the total number of income tax payment challans. Challan status procedure is important to make sure that your payment is correctly reconciled. In the case of discrepancy, contact the authority for necessary clarification and corrections.

In order to simplify the income tax payment, IT department has prescribed a single page challan. Many convenient facilities are offered to ease up the hassles of the taxpayers. The dedicated portals of OLTAS and TDS Traces are offering a host of online conveniences. However, do check the OLTAS challan status only after a week. It takes time for the details to get uploaded on the website. Challan verification confirms that no discrepancy and error has occurred. The payment of income tax is properly consolidated and reconciled. Employees can also check EPF status on our site.

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