Capacite Infra IPO Allotment Status

Capacite Infra IPO Status

Are you know Capacite Infra IPO is coming in next week? CAPACITE INFRA IPO TO OPEN FROM 13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017.

Capacite Infra IPO

Capacite Infra IPO Issue Details:

Date : 13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017

Issue Size: 400 Crs

Price Band: 245 Rs to 250 Rs Per Share

Face Value: 10 Rs Per Share

Share Lot: 60 Share

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Capacite Infra IPO Tentative Schedule:

Issue Open: 13/09/2017

Issue Close: 15/09/2017

Allotment: on or about 21/09/2017

Credit of share: on or about 22/09/2017

Trading Starts: on or about 25/09/2017

About  Capacite Infra Company:

Capacite infraprojects Limited (CIL)  is Mumbai based construction company incorporated in 2012. CIL undertakes construction of Buildings, Residential and institutional buildings in Cities like Mumbai, NCR, Bengluru.

Capacite Infra IPO Allotment Status

Capacite Infra IPO Offers:

  • High Rise and Super High Rise Buildings
  • Villaments
  • Commercial and institutional Buildings
  • Multi Level Car Parks;

Capacite Infra structured into three zones:

  • West Zone with Office at Mumbai
  • North Zone With Office at Gurgaon
  • South Zone With office at Banglore

Promoters of the company are : MR. ROHIT R. KATYAL, MR. RAHUL R. KATYAL AND MR. SUBIR MALHOTRA

Capacite IPO Subscription

You know how many times subscribe last day i.e Friday Capacite Infra Ipo Subscribe? Approximately as per the data 186 times retail subscribe on Friday. The total capacite infra IPO issue is Rs. 400 crore. As per the source the company aim is to utilize this fund on corporate purpose, company’s capital assets, and some other requirements.

How to Check Capacite Infra IPO Allotment Status

If you want to check capacite IPO allotment status then follow below steps. But before check allotment status of capacite you have required some documents like PAN card number, application number, etc.

  • First visit IPO registrar website like Karvy or BSE India or click here
  • After open above website select capacite IPO allotment
  • Then enter your PAN card number and application number
  • Tap on “Get Status” So you can check capacite infra IPO allotment status online

Objects of Capacite Infra IPO Issue:

The objects of the capacite Infra IPO Issue are:
1. Funding working capital requirements;
2. Funding purchase of capital assets (system formwork); and
3. Purpose of General corporate

Capacite Infra Financials Sheet                                                            (Amount in millions Rupees)

Before invest in Capacite Infra IPO you can check Capacite Infra Financial balance sheet. The financial sheet is below:

Particulars AS AT
31/12/2016 (9 Months) 31/03/2016 31/03/2015 31/03/2014
Assets 9337.54 8452.97 4993.98 2929.05
Total Revenue 8329.86 8168.27 5121.86 1748.01
EBITDA 1097.36 1216.21 699.83 169.56
PAT 422.15 476.81 307.66 50.52
EPS ( BASIC ) 10.48 12.03 10.56 2.28
EPS (Diluted) 8.66 10.83 9.52 2.27

Earning Per Share (EPS)

Year Basic EPS Diluted EPS
2017 17.20 14.00
2016 12.03 10.83
2015 10.56 9.52

Price to Earning Ration (P/E)

Particular P/E at Lower Band P/E at Upper Band
Based on basic EPS for the financial year ended March 31, 2017 on a consolidated basis 14.23 14.52
Based on basic EPS for the financial year ended March 31, 2017 on an standalone basis 14.24 14.53
Based on diluted EPS for the financial year ended March 31, 2017 on a consolidated basis 17.49 17.84
Based on diluted EPS for the financial year ended March 31, 2017 on an standalone basis 17.50 17.86

Peers  of Company are Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Limited, JMC Projects (India) Limited, Simplex Infrastructures Limited.

Top Advising Company For Capacite IPO

Here we describe top company list which is advising for the capacite infra IPO. The list is below:

  • IIFL Holding Ltd
  • Marathon Capital Advisory Ltd
  • Axis capital Ltd

Conclusion of Capacite Infra IPO Allotment Status

So Hope you will understand all the information about Capacite Infra IPO allotment status, price band, Capacite Infra IPO issue date, size, face value & lots. Also we shared many information regarding general information, governmental and many more at our website. If you have any query then feel free and write in the below comment section, We will as soon as early possible solve your query.

Capacite Infra IPO FAQ

We shared frequently asked question for you. To read carefully it

  • How to participate in Capacite IPO?

Ans: If you want to participate in Capacite IPO then there are two method either you can participate online or offline. For online you have required your bank net banking active. For offline you have to fill up form.

  • How to Know Capacite IPO allotment status?

Ans: You can check Capacite IPO allotment status on Karvy or BSE India website.

  • How to know share is allotted or not?

Ans: You notify by your mobile number or E-mail address. Also you can check Capacite infra IPO allotment status online by PAN card number and application number.

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